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Alicia Lycan


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Protecting the Environment

My passion for the clean water we have in the rivers of the Pacific Northwest has created a drive in me to protect this beautiful resource. I hope that by sharing the images I find in remote stretches of wild rivers and creeks will help bring awareness to more people of this fragile resource so many take for granted! In my spare time I volunteer to work with inexperienced adventurers to share the river and conservation with them into places otherwise unaccessible. 

Non-Profits I support: American Rivers, American Whitewater, and First Descents



So, What's Your Story?

My newest adventure is in entrepreneurship and founding my very own company, SHE GOES MEDIA, combining my passion for creative media, storytelling, and photography/videography.

My ambitious nature fuels my desire to creatively solve problems, and my healthy curiosity and inquisitive spirit shapes the core of who I am. I have worked extremely hard to make my passion my lifestyle and my achievements so far keep me going and striving to be the best I can be!

I can't wait to see where #shegoes!