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Alicia Lycan

I hail from Atlanta, GA, grew up in the Pacific Northwest, and have a real knack for telling stories, and well naturally all these roads led to the river. My passion for whitewater kayaking, accessing remote places, and travel are what first inspired me to pick up a camera, make videos, and create content.

For me it's not conquering new goals but the steps I take to push towards the things I thought were once out of reach. It's in this forward momentum I can see and be inspired by the world opening up in all directions around me full of endless possibilities.

The characteristic traits and integral values I've developed in my adventurous pursuits are a definitive part of who I am, and my entrepreneurial spirit. So far, I've been fortunate enough to ski off the tallest peaks in the Rockies, climb volcanoes in the Cascades, self-support kayak through the jungles of Ecuador, send 40-foot waterfalls on the West coast of British Columbia, chase Class 5 whitewater through the 2nd deepest canyon in the world in Peru's Apurimac Valley, and represent the United States at the first extreme whitewater race in Machu Picchu. 

So, She Goes Media?

I am completely captivated by the ability to engage an audience visually and curate compelling, informative content. I am passionate about crafting interactive experiences through immersive multimedia storytelling. My work has been published and appeared in various channels including The Mt. Baker Experience Magazine, NW Adventures, Icicle TV, Pyranha Kayaks, Immersion Research, Werner Paddles, The 365 Lifestyle Group, and Gear Aid, to name a few. 

My creative approach—no matter the medium—is to find ways to make an impact and inspire within others a curiosity to learn more, to captivate an audience's attention with an authentic and lasting impression through creating, curating, and publishing integrated content. 

If you never push your limits how will you ever know what you're capable of?