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Published Work

Published Work


Mt. Baker Experience Magazine

Adventures NW Magazine




I am a professional white water kayaker and a branded athlete. I use user-generated and organic content to drive my social media campaigns, create brand awareness, and to partner with sponsors to fund my international travels and races. 






APPLE WATCH: Strategic Marketing Plan

Developed a Situational Analysis and Marketing Plan for the Apple Watch. I led market research and created a new marketing plan that was submitted with approval to Apple Inc. 





Digital Marketing Wordpress Blog

I created and curated a Wordpress blog focused on the multi faceted variables of digital marketing. The more I learned about search engine marketing, inbound, SEO, coding, and landing pages, I discovered my passion in marketing is rooted in the creative user experience over the data driven. I am passionate about working with brands to develop engaging integrated multimedia content. Check it out!



SOMNIUM 'SD': Dream Machine Project

Developed a Pricing Strategy Analysis for a Dream Recording Machine using behavioral and psychological analysis on price to solve a real world problem for a new product with no competition or historical precedent. I generated and evaluated options, and selected a plan justifying the chosen pricing strategy in depth. I enjoyed the challenge of conducting an economic analysis then choosing a pricing strategy to develop a marketing mix to support the final recommendation.