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Adventures in the World of Business

Hi! I'd like to introduce you to the biggest and most exciting challenge I've taken on yet, starting my own business. Is it going to be easy, fun, stressful, rewarding, full of huge and unknown challenges? Hell yes. I couldn't be more excited to jump in head first and see what my passion and creativity produce.

I'm continually inspired by the incredible opportunities and individuals I continue to meet as we chase with everything we have what we are most passionate about!


Sometimes I like to give speeches and when I do it's in my best Spanish!

Lately, I've felt incredibly driven to explore a different perspective on the digital marketing and creative media world: behind the lens and editing screen. Each project is a fresh opportunity to push my limits to be a more authentic storyteller, filmmaker, and to find creativity in new ways. I find the most joy, reward, and passion in the work I craft, and in those I work with and seek to inspire. I'm so incredibly excited to see where shegoes


Alicia Lycan

CEO, She Goes Media

Alicia Lycan