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Where it All Began: Finding Your Brand's Powerful Core Story

Effective marketing starts with storyfinding — knowing how to locate the core narrative that most powerfully connects a brand and its audiences.

Let's start with where it all began- an idea, a vision, a conversation.

You can't start to tell a story of a brand you don't know. Without a good story with a core narrative it's hard to give your brand that kind of effective credibility customers are looking for today. Brand promotors are looking for an experience, an emotional connection to your brand, something to share with their friends, on one of 15 social networks of their choice, and most of all to offer a solution to solve their problem.

The “core brand story,” is a fundamental and unique representation with a common element in every story the brand might make. It is the brand’s differentiating narrative heart. 

So now that we understand why we need a "core brand story," how do we find this unwavering foundational narrative upon which all the following stories and messages of our brand will build upon? 

At She Goes Media when the brand I'm working with does not have a clear brand story and needs requires help finding it I use a process. The process begins by investigating the brand's presence in collaboration with data-driven analysis to uncover the truth about the brand and how it is perceived by its audiences. Next, I gather the individuals who touch the brand and lead them through a series of narrative exercises to uncover the brand’s true differentiators. Lastly, I establish a strategy to create content and a video piece distilling the core narrative into a few words that will guide all the brand’s story telling. Those few words are the stage on which the brand story unfolds and at the heart of all the content I create.

Let's jump in with a 3 step process I like to call the "Story Finding Process:"

1. Do the research.

You have to start with the truth. If you don't know it, you have to find it. I always set out to uncover what is true about the brand — to find out why it really exists.

Who is your audience?

What is your brand mission, values, and history? 

Who are your competitors? 

2. Understand your audience.

To tell an effective story we must understand what is important to people and what they need from the brand. 

A brand’s story must be rooted in the truth of the brand and their real experience of the brand, satisfying an audience's need for the brand.

Understanding how your brand fits into the reality of people’s lives is critical. As is understanding how people’s lives are defined, stressed and sometimes shifted by experiences, values, and events.

3. Understand what makes a brand story.

Pairing the brand truth with the audience need is where the magic happens setting the context and strong foundation for the message of which the story we want to tell is created.

All media, content, channel, and goal can be easily identified by the brand because it's core story is consistent and differentiated. Each story is perceived as authentic because it is a part of the fundamental truth the brand and audience share. 

She Goes Media offers a solution to finding your brand's powerful core story and the ability to visually tell it through the discovery process, film, post editing, and distribution. Let us help you share your story!